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Ballpoint Muscle Roller

Crafted from hard maple and carbon steel, The Ballpoint Muscle Roller's design and materials are ideal to help you find and release your deepest trigger points and most stubborn myofascial adhesions. A casing of one-eighth inch steel bearings support the solid steel ball in the center, allowing the ballpoint to easily spin through trigger points with up to seventy-five pounds of pressure. Roll it anywhere you have muscle pain or stiffness: back and hips, shoulders and neck, TMJ, IT bands, knees, calves, pecs, and arms ...

What people are saying about The Ballpoint Muscle Roller ...

Mike B. recreational athlete

It's perfect. Small and powerful!!  Super stoked on it. It's going to be perfect for the road.Thanks for the amazing product!

Louise B. Rolfer/owner Pilates Northwest

I really like how it feels. I've used it on my SCM, suboccipitals, forearm, scalenes, platysmal area and it's great.

Molly D. flamenco dancer

“I love it. I need more than one, though, because my kids keep taking it from me. They love it, too!”

Keith D. weight trainer/desk jockey

“I use it at work all the time. Sitting all day wrecks my back, and The Ballpoint really helps.”

Jill S. teacher

“My butt hurt, and now it doesn't!”

Kimberley H. runner/film maker

"I brought it with me on vacation, and thank goodness I had it with me, because I really needed it. It works great!"

Chris B. weightlifter/foodie

"I use it at night when my neck and back are sore. My wife keeps getting pissed off because I make all kinds of noise when she's trying to sleep. It really gets in there!"

Josh S. contractor

"Oh yeah!"

Sally F. tennis player/accountant

"It hurts. It hurts good ..."

Becky W. multiple sclerosis thriver

"I use mine almost every day on my neck and shoulders. It's just great."

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